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Affordable &Quality Goods

Our products are expected to be the cheapest in the market and still remain quality. We strive to maintain a top notch in quality of products and also to sustain competition, we try as much as possible to get along with sellers who are willing to sell at a cheaper price


Return Policy

Items can only be returned if in same condition as delivered and error was from our end. Refunds can only be claimed for if error is from our end only. You can not claim for a refund if you made an order error, i.e., ordering wrong color, size, etc..


Delivery Policy

Our delivery usually takes 10-15 days, but items that have "Fast Delivery" specified on the product page gets delivered between 3-5 days. If your items have not reached you and days promised has elapsed, kindly contact customer support immediately. We do only nationwide delivery, i.e. anywhere within Nigeria, if in need of special delivery outside Nigeria, send a message to customer support, or send a direct message on Instagram:


Working with us

Any seller or random individual can choose to work with us, freely, no need to submit or register your business official, we also hate much paperwork, simply contact us via email or Instagram to have your business registered with us. We give personalized link to business owners to put on their page , basically, they also own the website.

Meet our team

social media manager

Our social media manager. Who runs all social account for this business. Also manages the marketing side of the business. He's one of the reasons you're aware of this business

sales and inventory manager
The Sales and Inventory manager. Who runs all orders and ensures its delivered successfully. Hold her down when you have items still not delivered.

Our very own web/graphics designer, who is in charge of every thing you see and admire. Funtastic fellow, contact him for any mini project you need him to do for you.